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Software development
Novosibirsk Scientific and Technical Center specializes in software development
for engineering and business tasks in the oil and gas industry.

The NTC employs dozens of experienced programmers, as well as analysts specializing in various scientific fields. Our employees are highly qualified and have the ability to build effective development processes.

Software development includes the following steps:
Problem statement
Construction of a mathematical model and development of algorithms
Choosing a development environment
Designing the user interface
Programming, testing
Implementation and operation
Desktop-apps development (OpenGL, C++, Qt, WPF, C#, WinForms, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sqlite, etc.);

Development of specialized modules for processing one-dimensional data on the DARCY™ platform;
IIFA™ web-apps development (Angular7+ technologies, TypeScript, Material Design, Ros; C#/.NET, Entity Framework, ASP.NET, WebAPI, etc.);

Development of specialized modules for the management of technological and economic processes on the framework IIFA™;
D-Flow™ web-apps development (Angular 8+, TypeScript, RxJS, C#, .NET technologies, ASP.NET Core 3+, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, OpenFaaS, Docker Swarm).

d-Flow™: production planning and predicting complications
in the system "reservoir - well - ground collection network - UKPG /UPN/UPK", optimization of technological modes, virtual flowmetry, automatic adaptation of models, drawing up an optimal plan for field development.
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Mathematical functions
Development of mathematical modules for other platforms in Python, C#, C++ programming languages.