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Laboratory of calibration of borehole inclinometry devices
On the basis of the Novosibirsk Scientific and Technical Center, a metrological laboratory for calibration of borehole inclinometry devices has been put into operation
Our Features:

* A detached wooden building with non-magnetic equipment, which allows almost completely eliminating the influence on the natural magnetic background in which borehole inclinometric devices operate.
* A non-magnetic calibration unit that allows you to rotate a downhole inclinometer up to 3 meters long and weighing up to 100 kg in any direction in three axes (azimuthal, zenith and axis of its own rotation, also called the apsidal axis or the angle of inclination of the deflector)
* High-precision reference instruments that allow recording errors up to 30 arc seconds
* Systems for reproducing the actual operating conditions of borehole devices (heating, vibration, shocks).
* A unique, patented calibration algorithm, in which the accuracy of the instruments can be increased at least 3 times compared to traditional methods due to dynamically generated signal transmission coefficients thanks to a neural network algorithm.
* The laboratory has passed a number of inspections and audits and is recognized as meeting modern requirements and standards.

You can get detailed information about the laboratory, its technical capabilities and the cost of our metrological services in the form of a commercial offer by contacting us by e-mail info@nntc.pro